The Beginning

My plan is to begin a soylent diet to decrease financial costs for food and to lessen time spent cooking. I’m doing a DIY version of the soylent diet (you can find recipes here), specifically QuidNYC’s Female Blend. So far I have only received half of the ingredients I ordered, so in the meantime I’m trying to prepare for an all liquid diet. This morning I made Bulletproof coffee for breakfast instead of a meal. Because I was wary about drinking so much fat, I only added 1 Tbsp of butter and 1 Tbsp of coconut oil (the MCT oil is still on its way). It doesn’t taste bad and it looks like a latte. I imagine that the buttery-ness of it resembles Butterbeer (a Harry Potter reference for those of you who don’t know). After making it I was about to sit down to eat out of habit, and then realized that was stupid because my meal is portable. So, I cleaned around the house a bit and then sat outside with my cat, Jasper. I told Jasper I was going to be drinking my meals from now on and he seemed slightly surprised,but mostly nonplussed. All is normal, so far so good.

photo 1

Me with my first cup of Bulletproof coffee.

photo 2

Is that a hint of consternation? Probably not…



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